What is the "Comix" method?

This approach to dance education was developed by me,  John "Comix" Barrella to be an approachable, effective way for dance teachers to instruct students with hip hop in dance studio & other educational settings.  Teachers that certify in this method prioritize technique, dance terms, history, and an overall respect for hip hop dance within dance schools.

Is this considered an official hip hop certification?

Due to the complexities and range of opinions involved in the formation of one true, standard hip hop approach, this certification is not meant to take the lead and suggest that this is the only way to educate in hip hop. By applying for certification, you are applying a tried and effective method for hip hop instruction. In short, you are certified exclusively in this particular method for hip hop education.

Why should I get certified?


Hip Hop and many related styles have had a  historically difficult relationship with common dance studio standards. This method removes hip hop from the status of simply the "fun class" , allowing for it to stand in line with other genres of dance as a program where long term training and real growth can be achieved.  By applying for certification, you are  making a statement that your work is in line with my own practices and curriculum, which have been experienced by countless dance students & professionals across the United States for over 15 years. Dance teachers have been utilizing my methods in the form of seminars, e-books, training videos, consultation and other resources for nearly a decade now. This certification is the stamp of approval to carry on with these concepts to train students of all ages.

Does this strictly dictate how I teach?

This method is a blueprint for the process of dance instruction.  It is 60% a guideline for how to develop hip hop dancers, and 40% required techniques and lessons in order to maintain accurate foundation in dancers. Your choreography style, themes that inspire you, and your final products aren't required to change to maintain certification.

How was this method developed?