We were able to host John recently in our studio for two student workshops divided by ages, an adult class and a teacher training. I had followed him on social media and had always been impressed by his level of knowledge and passion to teach REAL hip hop. We were blown away by his knowledge once we met him in person and his training-in addition to his curriculum-has shaped our hip hop program in our studio! I highly recommend using John as a resource however you can, whether it is his curriculum or a live session. He is truly one of the best out there!

- Jessica Reagle

Owner: Jessica's Dance Academy, Swansboro NC

        I had John out to my studio over the summer for teacher training. I am so glad that I had more than just my hip hop teachers in the room as his tips, exercises and approaches can be used in all genres. They are true teaching tools. John gives a true foundation and education on hip hop culture and brings you back to where it comes from and the why. His personality is infectious and his passion for not only his art  but educating others is evident. He has made himself available  to be a mentor to one of my newer staff members and we have purchased his curriculum for our studio. I can't say enough about him except he is the real deal.

- Tiffany Prout-Leitao

Owner:  Center Stage Dance Academy, Masschusetts

     John Comix Barrella has visited our studio twice since 2018 and he has inspired, educated and infused excitement into our hip hop programs.  Not only does he deliver memorable and current class work, he is authentic.  He studies so he can share and inspire with so much knowledge.  Our hip hop instructor uses his teaching material to continue to develop a strong and growing program at our studio.  After year one, our dancers looked forward to learning new styles that were presented with so much detail that they could retain the information and build on John's workshop visit throughout the season. 

- Jillian Duhadway

Owner: Duhadway Dance Dimensions, Alma MI

"Is there a place to go for hip hop training?"
"I'm having trouble building my hip hop program."

"Why can't I find a good hip hop teacher?"

"What do you teach in your hip hop classes?"

Do any of these pertain to you?  Hip Hop and street dance can be a funny thing. There are many places around the country that get it right.  However, so many places are still having trouble.  I believe there are about 3 kinds of instructors out there teaching hip hop classes:

knowledgeable Artists


effective teachers

talented dancers

Whats actually quite rare is when you get all 3 in one package. There are many talented (and sometimes very famous ) dancers that possess zero skills in teaching. There is a disconnect. These teachers are those who "Do" and "Show" instead of instruct. Of course, what is most common are the very many wonderful teachers out there that must lean on training in other areas and their observation of hip hop choreography in pop culture to give their classes. Well structured class that lacks information on background,history, official terminology.

Why is it so difficult to find the total package?

 It's hard to do hip hop justice in a dance studio. If you're abiding by hip hops rules you're almost definitely breaking a standard dance studio rule.  The structure of a ballet class would be too restricting to an expressive hip hop dancer. The wild nature of much of this movement requires energy and atmosphere quite different from the normal way of things in a studio setting. How do we make sure our dancers appreciate freestyle in a setting that frequently demands that we pump out choreography? To balance your role as a dance studio instructor with the instruction of proper hip hop elements without doing less of either is no easy task.

Many studios around the country have trouble locking down a professional educator in this genre. So many times we need to throw our hands in the air and say something like, " Well, I guess I'll have to teach the class myself" or " He's not great with the kids but he really knows his stuff." So why do we compromise? Obviously, it's because sometimes we don't have much choice. 



So what if you had a choice?

I can help you.

Dance Consultant

Hire A

As a consultant, I keep a regular line of communication open with teachers and dance studios across the country. I have one goal in mind:

rich, educational programs

The many things you'll receive

Choreography analysis

Submit your class videos at any time for feedback on student performance, critiques on dancer technique, and tips on where to go next in the coming weeks or months to see cohesive growth in your program.

Instant access

Introduction phone/skype check-in to discuss your classes, and the option for a mid-year check-in. We cover some hurdles you may be facing as well as new ideas for reinforcement of all the things you wish to accomplish with your dancers.

Availability via e-mail ( Response with-in 24 hours ) or text message ( Response by end of day ) for immediate help.

Music Playlists

Submit requests for new songs, theme ideas, or playlists that fit your needs. To give you an idea, most teachers commonly ask for new warm-up music, breakdancing playlists, popping playlists, & clean music.

Curriculum Assistance

Optional guidance via phone/skype meeting to help you create your full school year curriculum.  Please note, crafting a complete curriculum for you is a separate charge.

Exclusive Monthly Articles

Each month, you will receive email articles exclusively for you and other  paying clients that detail education and hip hop from a variety of angles. Subjects include tips on boys classes, format, choreography composition, and little known background information on hip hop dance.

Discounts & Free Things

As a consultation client, you will receive a 20% discount on any future purchases of digital material I offer.  You may also be entitled to discounts on in person workshops, choreography breakdowns, and much more.  Finally, my consultation clients will be welcome to partake in each livestream class I offer throughout the year at no extra cost. As a new live streamed class runs almost every month at a cost of $49.00, the subscription fee for consultation pays for itself immediately.

What does it cost?

$15.00 per month!

That's it!  For an individual teacher, when you subscribe to my consultation, you will pay an automatic $15.00 per month for one contracted year. As we cover the entire school year, I'll be assisting in any and all of the things you need, as you need it. During the summer months,  I am available to you for your summer class approach ( yes, it should be different ) , workshops you host,  things to work on for next season, and more.

Do you want direct help for a group of teachers instead of yourself or an individual?

The above price is designed for one teacher. More than likely, you will not need anything more than what I offer, especially if you are spearheading your studio program and relaying information. However, if you are looking to use this program for multiple teachers running a hip hop program, options for check-ins via skype, call, email, and text message can be made available to all teachers in your program under one subscription. Direct access for a group of people in addition to the standard program perks brings the price up to $25.00 per month. This covers all of the same areas as the individual, with a little extra time given to discuss each of your teachers or consult with them as needed.

Things you should know:

Contracts are made for 1 year, with monthly payments made at the 1st of each month. Current clients use school months for quick advice, music help, technique and terminology, games and exercises. Summer months are generally spent preparing for the next school year and getting tips on summer class focus. Contracts can begin at any point in the year, and can be renewed at the discretion of the customer upon contract expiration.


Once registered, you are given a schedule of hours your consultant is available for response, as well as dates and times for a start-up phone consultation. Off hours (any time that your consultant is not guaranteed for immediate response) will be available for viewing as well.  In most cases, your response will come within 24 hours and during the next scheduled office hours. Consultation hours are mostly available on weekdays. Most weekends are not a guarantee for immediate response UNLESS an appointment is made in advance.

Music - You can request music that comes from my playlist, or customize your own ( e.g. "Can I have fun, upbeat warmup music for an all boys pre-teen class?" or " Can you make me a playlist of popping music for teens?" ). Playlist requests can be shared a number of ways. Depending on the preferred method and the details of the request, Playlists may take a couple of days to create and share.

Articles -  Via email, each client receives monthly information on hip hop education. Feel free to make requests for future subjects!

Assistance - You may request assistance in choreography analysis, crafting your  curriculum, lesson plans and more.  Requests can be made for choreography or a custom curriculum, however these come at a separate charge( a client discount will be applied)