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THe street dance experience

As an educator, I produce lessons for my students with one goal in mind:

rich, educational programs

The genres

Whether you are a beginner or long time student of street dance..a student or a teacher..there is something important you will find in each genre I focus on in this experience. No style of dance or lesson is too advanced or too basic for any student. Each element of this program exists for a reason. Here, we can focus on 4 categories of dance and how they impact my classes and the development of my students:

hip hop - b-boy(Breakdance) - locking - popping

How we utilize these styles in the Street Dance Experience is based on the experience level of each dancer & the goals studio owners hope to reach.

The experience


Students learn a series of choreography that explores the range that street dance can influence. From pieces that hold true to a specific genre to choreography that borrows from elements of hip hop, dancers learn all about the immense possibilities of hip hop movement by exploring combinations that stress the importance of versatility.

Technique Classes

These lessons focus on skill building. Students learn important terms for steps, the history behind it, and related movement that influenced the movement being explored. In technique lessons, we want dancers to understand the "soul" of the genre so that they can learn how to play with movement for themselves while staying true to the dance style. These classes are where we build tools  in dancers, which can help influence their work long after our program has ended.

Teacher Development/Curriculum Assistance

My teacher development program within this format is an extension of the TEACHER TRAINING SEMINARS found on this website.  We spend days expanding on the core concepts of the seminar typically offered in a 1 day format. For this element of the Street Dance Experience program, you can choose to take on this seminar as an additional class day for your teachers, or ask about how we can make this the entire run of the program!  Typically, when I work long term with teachers, we divide up classes so that we can focus on terms & techniques, choreography development,  & class structure separately. Our main goal with teacher development is to of course blend authentic street dance with the true education process without diluting either one.

Choreography Composition/Freestyle Concepts

Leaning on  movement established with your dancers, or adding in elements of genres we explore in technique class, this part of the program is designed to offer students a look at the connective tissue that makes freestyle and creation an easy and fun process.  In my own hip hop programs, I use these lessons to help my dancers get comfortable with how movement is developed so that they can have an easier time adjusting to new choreography, or thinking quickly in  creativity days. Students in this course learn how to piece together movement that will give them an immediate base model for improv and a working system for enhancing their creative thinking over a long period of time.

Program Structure

Classes can run for single or multiple day workshops. You are welcome to request specific lessons, or check below for some of the courses I've developed for students.

Student courses

The History of Hip Hop Movement

Fundamentals of Breakin

Funk Styles

The Influence of Popping

The Hip Hop Choreography Challenge

Student Choreography

Freestyle & Battle

Teacher Courses

Warm-ups & Across the Floor

The History of Hip Hop Dance(Lecture)

Terminology Rundown - Hip Hop's Social Dances

Terminology Rundown - Breakin

Terminology Rundown - Locking

Modern Hip Hop Movement

Elements of Choreography Composition

Dance Games

Think Outside the Box - Alternative Ideas for Common Classroom Hurdles

Boys Hip Hop - Class Content

Hip Hop Class Structure

Curriculum Development

When courses are chosen, I format a plan that breaks down lessons in each course, dividing information up across days in a progressive program that builds on each prior lesson. If you are unsure what you want for your intensive, I craft a program including the most important elements of my worskhops. See below for an example of a 3 day intensive:


What does it cost?