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Welcome to the reference page for The Dance World Network! Serving as an extension of the facebook group for dancers, this page provides quick access to information people need in regards to the group. Here you will find information about the group's mission, content, and projects. This also serves as an easy way to connect with admin in order to take part in projects or ask questions about page content. If you haven't joined the facebook group yet, click the logo above! Only  adult dance educators & professionals will be permitted in the group. Browse the information below and connect with us via the message box at the bottom of this page.

This project is an ongoing effort to offer uninterrupted perspectives from dancers in our community. Utilizing the live video feature, dancers & educators can address the dance community on any subject they wish. The focus is to allow the words of other professionals without conflict, so that voices on any matter can be heard.   No advertising , attacking, or conversation redirects are allowed during these videos. It is up to the speaker to allow or address questions during their time.

Live videos can be made at any time in the network, however you must apply here to make your live video an official part of the series! We began this series with a focus on the Black Lives Matter Movement, allowing personal experiences & philosophy on dance to be shared with members of The Dance World Network. This project will continue as special live events covering many subjects. If you have a perspective you'd like to offer, Fill out the  form at the bottom of the page! Subjects can include:

Dance History

Cultural Influences & Experiences in Dance

Recent experiences or Current Events in Dance

Your Story

& Anything Else You May Think Of!

General Admin responsibilities include content quality control, addressing group issues, and/or providing additional talking points in the group.  If you'd like to reach a specific admin, read below to see some of the additional functions held by the leadership team.
Area of interest covered by the admin member to assist in decisions that remain respectful of a particular dance style.
Content Quality
Responsibilities revolve around keeping an eye on group posts for overuse of ads, political posts, hate speech, or other content that go against group rules.
Conflict Resolution
These admin members watch posts and can be sought out for assistance with unhealthy conflicts in discussions. They may also issue warnings, delete , pause, or redirect conversations when necessary, as well as provide mediation between members.
(Founder) John Barrella
Hip Hop / All General Issues
William Waldinger
Ballet, Academic Jazz
Alexander James & CK Edwards
Musical Theater
Fernando Naranjo
Latin Dances
Robert Mark Burke
Contemporary & Modern
Rotita Cunningham
Jazz Funk, Costuming, Advocate for Dancers of Color
Kaelyn Gray
MK Cranford & Natalie Perkins
Preschool Dance
AJ Glasco
Hip Hop
Natalie Claire Bradley
Dance Fitness
Britt Cohen
Dance Science
Norman Cunningham

We Are Still in Need of Admins!

Admins of Dance World Network serve a range of functions. While some admins will  fill the common role of maintaining order and quality in the group posts, we are seeking leaders that can serve as a point of perspective in behind the scenes discussions on content & conflicts.Using particular backgrounds in dance, this will help us make informed decisions with respect for many genres in mind, allowing fairness toward all aspects of dance and a consistent presence of dance styles in content posts.  The (still growing) list of genres currently in need of admin presence are:
African Dance
Commercial Jazz
Irish Dance
If you'd like to be considered for an admin role in one of these fields or in another subject, feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We seek professionals with experience in  dance education that can inform without bias.
for the community, from the community.
Master list(1).png
Request a Master List.png
Request a Master List(1).png
These forms are active as of July, 2020! Reach out and add yourself to the list so that we can create a massive reference point for businesses looking to hire.

Thanks for submitting!

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