We were able to host John recently in our studio for two student workshops divided by ages, an adult class and a teacher training. I had followed him on social media and had always been impressed by his level of knowledge and passion to teach REAL hip hop. We were blown away by his knowledge once we met him in person and his training-in addition to his curriculum-has shaped our hip hop program in our studio! I highly recommend using John as a resource however you can, whether it is his curriculum or a live session. He is truly one of the best out there!

- Jessica Reagle

Owner: Jessica's Dance Academy, Swansboro NC

        I had John out to my studio over the summer for teacher training. I am so glad that I had more than just my hip hop teachers in the room as his tips, exercises and approaches can be used in all genres. They are true teaching tools. John gives a true foundation and education on hip hop culture and brings you back to where it comes from and the why. His personality is infectious and his passion for not only his art  but educating others is evident. He has made himself available  to be a mentor to one of my newer staff members and we have purchased his curriculum for our studio. I can't say enough about him except he is the real deal.

- Tiffany Prout-Leitao

Owner:  Center Stage Dance Academy, Masschusetts

     John Comix Barrella has visited our studio twice since 2018 and he has inspired, educated and infused excitement into our hip hop programs.  Not only does he deliver memorable and current class work, he is authentic.  He studies so he can share and inspire with so much knowledge.  Our hip hop instructor uses his teaching material to continue to develop a strong and growing program at our studio.  After year one, our dancers looked forward to learning new styles that were presented with so much detail that they could retain the information and build on John's workshop visit throughout the season. 

- Jillian Duhadway

Owner: Duhadway Dance Dimensions, Alma MI

Digital Training material for upcoming and established dance teachers

Videos & E-books

that detail hip hop dance education


  • Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Locking, Popping - Terminology, Technique, History,Modern Approach Vs. Classic Style

  • Warm-ups & Across the Floor - What to focus on, how to build your own, purpose behind key exercises

  • Discipline - Approaching  student behavior in a style of movement that encourages students to be more wild ( Due to the freedom of movement, encouragement of self expression and frequent association with hip hop and their own social environment outside of class)

  • Structure - Utilizing class time effectively, a guide to the school year, games & exercises

  • Age groups - Adjusting your movement for various ages. Adjusting your class focus for various ages.

  • Creative Movement -  The basics of choreographing and freestyling. Keeping the "hip hop" in your movement when you create modern work and understanding the rules of  classic movement.

  • Specified objectives - Adapting movement and adjusting focus for boys only classes, special needs, beginners, college prep, auditions, & more.

This is  training material for all dance teachers, developed as an easily accessible answer to a wide range of hip hop questions. I aim to heighten the way hip hop is offered in class. We emphasize art, education and the roots of hip hop to restructure class as a place of information, not just choreography. The  course is intended to give tools to brand new or established teachers that are in need of new information. In my own classes, I use my understanding of structure from ballet and modern dance class to deliver a hip hop experience that feels educational and authentic. By applying technique, terminology and dance history from the realm of street dance, my students get to plant their feet in proper foundation. These programs cover topics that can help teachers do the same. Information is given in a way that helps teachers build from any starting point.

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Releasing November 2019

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What do you need to know about choreographing hip hop?

This book details many angles of hip hop and street dance choreography. We dig into the history of hip hop dance, some of the rules in hip hop technique, and the elements of dance composition to find the most suitable ways for you to create effective choreography that is a reflection of your class growth.  Included in this book:

The history and basics of hip hop, popping, locking, breakdancing.

Dance composition elements as it stands separate from hip hop

Using dance composition to craft your vision in hip hop choreography

Using dance composition to build improv/freestyle in your students

Using dance composition as a class exercises or games

Adjusting your choreography and focal points based on age group.

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Workshop Videos

Each video in this series is jam packed with terminology, technique, advice & concepts. Everything in the video is based on my own method for educating dancers and serves to make hip hop make sense without re-imagining the dance culture it comes from. Every word used has its place in street dance history and no terminology is made with disregard for its original creation. In other words this is real information with real reference points! Join the hundreds of teachers around  the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa and more places around the globe incorporating this work into their classroom! Videos are currently available as digital media, available for download via email once payment is made. Need a hard copy? Contact me for options!

Hip Hop Edition

Volume 1

The original Essentials training video. Standard information for all class levels. Includes terminology on hip hop, breaking, popping. Also included are Warm-up techniques and the concept of rhythms. Creativity and choreography creation with hip hop terminology also included.

Running Time: 75 Minutes
Price: $79.00 USD

Boys hip hop Edition

Complete class structure, choreography approach, technique, Games, exercises, terminology and other subjects devoted to boys dance education. Highlights fundamentals of Bboy ( breakdancing ) moves to incorporate into your class, as well as hip hop and popping.

Running Time: 2 hours
Price: $89.00 USD

Hip Hop Edition

Volume 2

Be sure to purchase Volume 1 before reviewing this video. highlighted in this volume - updated terminology for hip hop, breakdancing, & popping. In addition, we touch on common issues within dance class, method for Dancers that exclusively take hip hop, proper training techniques, and a look at choreography format and creation and how to use it in hip hop.

(Releasing fall, 2019)
Price: $89.00 USD


The ultimate companion to your school year! Hip Hop teachers around the world  commonly request  curriculums, advice and anything else they can get their hands on in order to  assist in their hip hop classes. This handbook is your e-book guide to everything you need for your school year!

Follow the month-by-month plans listed in this book to help you find the most effective way to not only teach your hip hop class, but structure a program! These methods and tips give you the tools you need to make every class, every level, every week matter .

Aside from the month-by-month planner, entire chapters are dedicated to all the things you want to know about real class structure, authentic hip hop, and how to combine the 2 worlds in an effective way.  We dig into everything from warm-ups, to class exercises, terminology and much more. If you are looking for a convenient and cost effective way to learn some of the most important secrets about hip hop education, this handbook is for you!


$20.00 USD

Due to multiple requests, I crafted this guide to serve studio owners that want a business owner perspective on hip hop teachers. With this as a reference tool, you can learn about the perspective of true professionals in the hip hop field. This guide will allow you to take a look at education techniques, background, and even spot red flags when looking for a hip hop teacher that will put dancers first and expand on your hip hop program. A major highlight being a questions list for both studio owner and hip hop teacher to answer when interviewing for the job.

This material is quite different from the rest of my digital information. With a focus on your hip hop program as an owner and not the educator, we get to concentrate on expectations  from your program as a whole, & what it takes to allow a successful hip hop program to grow in your studio.

$15.00 USD

It has been an absolute privilege to work with so many dance teachers around the world. Since I began my "Essentials" programs, the teachers and studios I have connected with are now in the thousands.  Between my curriculum, live seminars, consultation & training videos there are few areas of the globe my methods for street dance education hasn't touched.  With these e-books, I hope to reach even more of you, giving you tons of new information. Let us work together so that we can all do our part to preserve street dance culture the way it's meant to be.


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