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Servicing dance studios, dance companies, & all other artists looking for alternative performance options in and around New Jersey.

Are you looking for a new (social distancing friendly) option for your show?  Recitals, showcases, competitions & other events have been cancelled or transformed as a result of the current pandemic.  As a company director, I wanted to explore every new option that would allow my group to continue working. My philosophy tells me never to settle, but to find the most exciting response to any hurdles we're given. That's when I began exploring the idea of a drive-in movie version of our next show!

To understand the benefit of this unique alternative,I think it's important to explore the "why". Why do we as artists thrive on live shows? What is it about live shows that have kept us in theaters and off of live streams? For me, it's all about:

The Process

Crafting your work for the stage  isn't just rewarding on the stage. It's rewarding through every rehearsal as you build toward the show date. Knowing you are perfecting your work for that moment carries a very unique momentum few others understand.

The Audience Experience

The most obviously difficult pill to swallow with live streaming shows is the absence of your audience. No cheering. No community gathering. The giving-receiving energy we experience from performer to audience was the driving force behind building this new format.

The "Show Week" Hype

Costumes.  Tech rehearsal. Dress rehearsal.  Those final runs are almost as exciting as the show itself!


Without a doubt, our process will feel different without our traditional live show dynamic. However, I've realized that MOST of what I want out of these shows can be found in a pop-up cinema. From the "premiere" of  your work, to your commmunity gathering, to the reintroduction of goals and projects for your artistic endeavors, the drive-in can deliver!

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