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Exclusive Sponsorship

for Digital Training Material

Where do the funds go?

Funding goes directly toward all resources needed to produce and advertise digital training material. Exclusive Sponsorship asks for the full range of assistance in production of one digital product. In return, your company logo and advertisement are included in all ads, this website, and exclusively on the digital product produced.

Where will you be seen?

My online presence exists mainly for the dance community.  My audience consists of people who prioritize health, active lifestyles, education, the arts, and of course all things dance related. Your advertisements and logo would catch the attention of networks of dance teachers, professional dancers, and aspiring professionals. All of my currently available digital material has been a primary reference tool for teachers. To date, my material has had a wide reach:

Training videos sold since 2017 - 125

E-books sold since 2018 - 200+

Free material and basic curriculums downloaded - 1k+

Funding this material allows lower cost for programs and even offer free material or articles to teachers. Previous interest in free material I offer has reached the thousands.Your assistance helps me make this more affordable or free, in turn multiplying the number of customers exponentially.  In turn, your business logo and information is brought directly into the material through:

Advertisements including your business logo and mission

Presence on this website

Full page ads on the funded e-book or 60 second promotion in the video workshop.

Social media posts that include partnership with your business.


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Books In Development

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Workshops In Development

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