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This site is full of information on every service I offer in the dance industry. For a quick reference point, scroll this page to see the key details on the sort of work I do in dance studios!  If you're ready to book a service, email me today! Otherwise, read on and click any of the associated links to get all the information you'll need!

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Standard workshop classes are available year-round and never restricted to a certain time of year, day of week, location,  age group, or skill level. If you are looking for Hip Hop education in your next workshop/intensive, this is the place to start! Dance classes have a range of experiences based on genre and format:


Want to keep reading? The Workshops Page is dedicated to all of the details you'll need!



Summer Tours offer a unique opportunity to book a workshop during the most popular time of year to bring in guests. Check out the digital brochure for Summer Tours to see if this is something you'd like to discuss!

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If you're looking for a quick and cheap option for choreography analysis, you're in the right place!  As I've consulted with more and more professionals looking for an extra eye on their work, I've opened up this service as an ongoing opportunity for teachers to gather useful critiques on their work. Whether you want some guidance on techniques and lessons to implement that will elevate your work, or you are prepping for competition, you have access to real feedback here with a quick turnaround.

Feedback can include:

Mock Competition Critiques, Choreography Tips, Technique Suggestions, Choreography Composition Tips, & Much More.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Submit a video of your complete or incomplete work along with a brief description of the kind of help you need. You can do this via email or even directly on Facebook.

Step 2

Choose your preferred format for feedback. This feedback is made to be a cost effective option, but prices range depending on the level of feedback you're seeking.  Format types are listed below.

Step 3

Submit your payment! Pricing varies based on format and may even come at a discount for multiple routines. Inquire for pricing.

Format Option A - Discussion Based Feedback

This format is the cheapest and fastest option available. With this option, I provide notes on your work directly to you in a conversational format where you can ask for specific tips pertaining to my notes and observations.

Format Option B - A Detailed Write Up

This option will provide you with a pdf file of my detailed observations as I go into detail on the entire routine, including any specifics you want covered. As more of a traditional form of feedback, this will include notes you would hear from judges and techniques/lessons to  implement in order to build upon the routine.

Format Option C - Video Feedback

This option is a bit different from the rest. While you will find similar notes in video feedback, this is also a lecture based feedback where I deliver details and examples to accompany my observations. This style of feedback is primarily requested from teachers looking for something they can sit down and share with their dancers.

All critiques and notes are designed with the intent to assist and develop. There is no harsh criticism on choreography. Only observations and productive notes that can help guide you or your dancers forward.

Interested? Get started by:

Emailing me directly at


Finding me on Facebook!

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Programs and resources are available for in-studio experiences designed for the entire staff!

Training Seminars are designed as 4-5 hour courses that dive into Hip Hop techniques, teaching method, background on the art form, and so much more.   You can add more time to the workshop or cut it down to a brief, focused seminar that covers just your most fundamental needs. Most of these experiences have a blueprint for what should be covered, with plenty of wiggle room so that the needs of each participant are met. This is ideal for:

The resident Hip Hop teacher(s)

Teen students training to become a teacher

Staff members that want to learn the basics in order to cover classes or simply understand the genre better

Studio owners that want to understand the program better in order to make more informed decisions from the overall direction of the  Hip Hop program to hiring teachers

View The Page On Teacher Training Seminars

For a more long term approach to teacher training, consider a dance certification program. Similarly, this program comes with a live training option to accompany the certification process.  The live training runs similar to training seminars, hosted by me with a special focus on the course material that teachers must understand in order to officially certify to teach this exact method.


In-person and zoom options are available if you choose a live training option. Otherwise, this entire program is designed foremost as a training process you can venture into independently! If you haven't already, take a look at this program!

Discover The Comix Method

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