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This Summer's Featured Deal!

Make this summer your time to create or revamp your professional portfolio! This package gives you all the services you'll need to market yourself with professional footage and a compilation of your own past work! Perfect for established professionals and graduate dancers looking to nail jobs as choreographers, teachers, & more!

The Core Package


What's included:

One single day film shoot.

Editing & color grading of all footage for a dance reel up to 2 minutes long.

Integration of past performance/choreography footage into the reel.

Assistance with options for themes, costumes, & location( location fee is not included!)

Final product completion time within 2 weeks!

Most dance reels can be completed with a single day film shoot.  Some locations may  have extra fees for space rental or insurance. While the majority of dancers will only need the Core Package, take a look at the optional extras.


If applicable, location rental fees( based on chosen location)

Additional time beyond 2 minutes - $200 per minute

Additional day of shooting - $300 per up to 4 hour time slot

Alternate shortened version of reel ( under 60 seconds ) for social media - $150

Rush Fee( to receive video within 1 week guaranteed) - $150

How to Prepare!

The Gameplan -  Take some time to decide on the feel of the video you want. The theme of the video or your target audience can have a major influence on costume choices & location for film shoots. Decide whether you'll want to improv/freestyle, perform choreography, or a combination of the two. Finally,  have music choices ready and start thinking about a costume that'll fit well with your dance.

Take Some Advice -  Unsure about the direction you want to go? Don't know a thing about  scouting locations? Once hired, I'm happy to help you map out some of the best choices for your work. I can even reserve space on your behalf, once we've determined your budget for a rental and the options it provides.

Rehearse! - Don't just wing it. The best work will come from performance that is well understood, even if it is improv. The more you know, the more you can  convey what you need. This is how we make a powerful reel!  The more I understand the diretion you'll go during the day of the shoot, the more I'll be able to film ideas and options for the final product.

Compile Footage -  If you want to showcase past work alongside your new footage, make sure you gather it together and let me know what you want seen in the reel.

Q: What if I just need my own footage edited together?

A: I do that too. Inquire here for the editing fee.

Q: Do you only film in NJ?

A : Nope! If you live in NJ, there are no additional fees for the core package. If I'm traveling to you outside of my state, there will be travel fees.

Q: Can you add effects and text to my dance reel?

A: Yes! I can add a ton of different things to your video. I do suggest minimal effects to keep the focus on the dancing. Text can be added to include your name, contact info, website, etc..

Ready to start working on your dance reel? Head to the contact form below and let me know what you need!

Are you looking for a film production for your dance studio or  dance piece? Allow me to work with you! As a long standing professional in the dance world, I have an understanding of themes and visuals necessary to give dance what it needs on film to maximize the emotion and impact movement provides.
Taking my knowledge of dance and combining it with cinematography has opened up a whole new world for me to explore.  Now, longer exclusively bound to the stage, we get to push the boundaries with what is possible for visuals.  Do you want to explore new artistic territory? Hire a dance trained filmmaker  for your next concept!

Take a peak at my  CHOREOGRAPHY PAGE and bring me out to set a full piece on your dancers before filming it!

Other services available include music videos for singers/bands as well as promotional material for businesses!

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Price quotes are given based on  a number of factors including but not limited to length of the shoot, location, & editing(Including rush orders).  Hourly rates, flat day rates, & package discounts are available. Inquire today for a price quote!
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Film - Edit - Collaborate

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Choreography breakdowns, lessons, and training material for your own programs! Much like my own workshop series, this video production  adds voiceover, text, & anything else you  need to make a clear and effective tutorial for students & clients.

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Concept Videos & Themes
Choose a location, set your choreography, let me do the rest.  Every dancer that wishes to turn their work into a film gets time for consultation as well as tips for adjusting work for the camera. We can work together on colors, costumes, & endless themes to make the right choices for your work. My film work has ranged from somber tones, to high energy hip hop, to comedy. If you need assistance with locations, just ask!

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Dance Reels
Compile your work  for editing services to showcase the very best of what you do! If you'd like new footage mixed in with your past work, a custom quote can be made for your needs.

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Business Promos
Do you want to advertise your business (Dance, arts,product showcase, or any other)? We can do that too!

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