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Single Day & Multiple Day programs  available


Inquire about adding your studios as one of the stops on my summer teaching tour. Adding your state as I pass through or extending my tour to your neighboring state can drastically reduce fees associated with travel as no flights are necessary.


Tell me where you're located and when you need a workshop.  I work internationally and I am available for short and long term contracts year round.
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Will I be near you this summer?

North East Tour

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York

Southern Tour

& Surrounding States

Midwest Tour

& Surrounding States

Want detailed information on Summer Tours? This brochure has all the info you need!
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Mix & Match To Find Your Ideal Workshop Experience.



Hip Hop          B-boy(Breakin, Breakdancing)          Popping          Locking

Class Formats


Choreography Based

Technique Based With Choreography

Technique Only

Absolute Beginner/Introduction to (specified dance genre)

Freestyle Development

Choreography Composition

Student Groups


Open Level

No age/ability restrictions and range of lessons for all skill levels

Absolute Beginner

The very basic principles of the genre


Simple lessons, small challenges


Challenging lessons with obtainable goals


Intermediate class with larger, long term lessons applied


Pre-professional/professional development, challenging lessons, & large goal setting

Digital Brochures
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Intensives-Private lessons-workshops-dance camps

  Professional, competitive, & recreational dancers from around and outside of the United States have trained under me, adopting my unique methods to form an identity while learning hip hop & street dance. Choreographers and teachers as well have trained with me to practice effective methods for educating within hip hop without diluting the styles in a dance studio setting. Branching outward from my live workshops, my consultation work & training material has become a regular resource for teachers all over the world.

What makes this program so different is the emphasis on education while honoring what makes hip hop the art form that it is.

 Most importantly, it is an invaluable and extraordinary environment for growth, self-empowerment and success.

What are the essential ingredients of a street dancer?

A  strong, well educated street dancer should be able to trace their movement back to the proper foundation.  Without realizing it, many dancers end up with movement that has a foundation closer to jazz, ballet or other styles. I train dancers to understand that there is a range of dance styles they need to get familiar with first.  Creative approaches and fresh musical influences evolve their vocabulary from the starting point of hip hop or related styles.  Students of mine understand these styles through and through. That is our starting point to create even more modern styled choreography. Work that abides by the rules of the genre, and work that is honest whether it is aiming to be true to the art form, or only influenced by a genre.

Hip Hop is Many things

I will not bring my Hip Hop class to you.

My classes are structured for a school year of learning & weekly progress. With guest work, I design a class experience that understands our brief time together.  Keeping in mind the limited hours we have to train or set choreography, the lessons given are made to maximize the quality of information a student can receive in a short term class.

Students leave my class with TOOLS to continue training.. long after I am gone.

Lasting, valuable techniques to boost student creativity, performance, & understanding of this art form.  Movement utilized in my lessons are made to compliment any hip hop program as it establishes my philosophy on dance. Most importantly, students in my program experience empowerment, encouragement, freedom, & professionalism.


Go beyond  the common format of workshops. Take your students on an entire dance journey. Review some options for Workshop Experiences and let me know which one you want!

Experiences are a bit different from your typical workshop format.  Utilizing a longer time slot, we can give dancers a unique workshop with a class structure and elements rarely seen in  Hip Hop classes.


Experience various styles of dance in one massive 4 hour experience! Students will get a look at dance history, technique, terminology, as well as relationships between styles such as Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, and Popping. Each hour is a totally different experience as we explore movement through choreography, challenges, partner work, and even freestyle!


This experience puts pure Hip Hop into the spotlight. Dancers explore technique, terms, and choreography as it evolves throughout Hip Hop's 50 year history. Students of all ages come away with a deeper understanding of what it truly means to dance "Hip Hop".

Featured Lessons:


Original Social Dances

How to Groove

Choreography By Decade( 90's, 2000's, 2010 and beyond)

Hip Hop's Influence on Modern Movement.


Do you want to build skills in your students for dancing in front of the camera?

How about learning the basics of filming with a camera?

All you need are your own dance skills and a fully charged smartphone! Then we can explore how movement is impacted by the camera, and how it can influence what we do with a camera. Students learn about camera shots, angles, & motions as they work with partners to maximize the impact of their own movement on film!


Inspired by the lack of live shows during the pandemic, I took a deep dive into film. I didn't want to just record my choreography. I wanted to find a way to make my audience still feel the impact from dance that they would if they were witnessing it LIVE. I want to share what I've developed with others so that we can do above and beyond with our dance films. Along the way, we're developing essential skills for future professionals to be comfortable performing for filmed work from concept films to music videos!

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This experience is for  any groups that are interested in developing their freestyle or battle skills.


 Explore the world of improvisation! This multiple hour workshop will take established technique or new technique and help students find their voice within the movement. Lessons are designed to help students with  unique movement, the flow of a battle, tricks, and strategy!

Some class activities may include:

Mock Battles

Individual Feedback

Composition/Creativity Techniques

Technique Development

Freestyle Challenges

"Conversation" Based Partner Activities

& More!

This experience is perfect for experienced dancers that want to take their battle/freestyle technique to the next level, or students who are brand new/apprehensive about freestyle!

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This is probably the most unique workshop experience for dancers. This class will focus on the art of comedy and mime, and how to add these elements into your dance performance. Our classes are aimed at giving dancers the skills to add a bit of wit and humor to their performances, and make them stand out from the crowd.You will learn the fundamentals of comedic timing and how to utilize physical comedy to push your performance to the next level. With this experience, you will be sure to discover new skills and techniques that will boost your confidence and enhance your ability to tell stories through movement.

Courses Include:

Fundamental Miming

Physical Comedy

Body Language & Expression

Prop Work

& More!

Workshops & Special Events

Dance Studios  - Dance Conventions - Open Classes - College  & High School Guest  spots

Charity events - seminars - Intensives


To bring me in as a guest, simply send a message to me via the box below to get a price quote on single or multiple day classes.   I work with students of all ages, levels and learning environments. My classes for dance students are made to be a challenge and a positive experience . One that teaches dancers how to take themselves seriously while enjoying yourself. My students feel safe and comfortable learning in my learning environment.

Thanks! Message sent.

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