Adapting to at-home dance education

Welcome to Home School!  In response to this global crisis we're all experiencing, dance teachers have done some quick thinking to begin applying lessons in a brand new format until things get back to normal.  Myself included, teachers all over are implementing online lessons for their dance studio.

This is NOT a replacement for the live stream  / online lessons being offered by dance studios!

I am already working with my home dance studios to create content specifically designed for classes I teach for their business. If you are a parent or a student from a dance studio where I run a hip hop program, you can see updates to my Virtual Classes right here. Down below, we'll talk about drop-in classes you can take that are non-affiliated with dance studios.







The content you will find from here on is an add-on and a service I am providing to help people deliver the most effective at-home lessons possible. This is a unique scenario that none of us could have imagined. I am grateful for the efforts of my employers  to find ways to keep our studios running. I am also grateful  for the platform I have been building right here at  for the last number of years.   Having a bit of a reputation and tons of experience producing DIGITAL TRAINING MATERIAL for dance teachers, I want to put it all to good use as I switch almost entirely to my digital dance services during this time. Which brings us here...

 If you are one of the manyDance Teachers switching to virtual classes....

My Free Services Include:

Consultation, advice, tips on producing videos for your students to work on at home. General advice on hip hop class structure. Assistance with any of my products in coverting lessons and exercises to virtual classes.

My Digital Services Are Bigger Than Ever :

The newest and most important service I am offering includes immediate production of video lessons for your dancers. Downloadable lessons that are produced  with all details YOU need for your dancers.  If you do not have access to a website or storage space, with this paid service I'll also be providing storage space  on this site's dropbox account where we can link an unlimited number of your students to the content. Storage on the  dropbox account will remain until a brief time after classes resume.

Full production and assistance with creation of downloadable videos for your students. 


Choreography breakdown videos with custom text and choices to emphasize specific parts of the lesson. 


Options for voice over and effects to make your video stand out.

Storage space for your content.

Fee for service covers the entire production and  distribution(if needed) of one class video.   Length of video and quantity needed are used to determine final price.

The entire "ESSENTIALS FOR DANCE EDUCATION" program is still fully functional.  This material can b efound on the Digital Training Material page.

E-books cover such topics as  creative movement (ideas and worksheets) , hiring hip hop teachers, and a handbook for all teachers to use throughout a school year.

Workshop videos are readily available.  Topics include entire training programs for hip hop teachers as well as technique and terminology videos for styles such as breakdancing & popping.

Choreography Breakdowns are still available to be made upon request. These videos are entire combinations or performance pieces that you can purchase to use with your own classes. This set of work in particular reflects the structure I personally use when editing videos for customers to distrubite to their own classes in my newest video production service.

Video production(1).png

Zoom classes are in full effect right now!  I'm connecting with students in a few ways through virtual classes.


Drop-In Class

Each week, drop-in classes are available to take just like a normal dance class.   Due to a number of requests for foundational movement, we will be covering a range of genres with an adjusting difficulty level to offer appropriate challenges for dancers of all experience levels. For this drop-in class, the information is as follows:

Thursdays 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Subjects covered: Technique/Choreography for Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, or Breakdancing.

Fee: $8.00

Zoom Classes For Your Studio

For some dance studios, this is a unique opportunity to bring something different to your weekly schedule. If you're looking to add a temporary weekly class, there is room in the schedule to reach your dancers with fresh ideas anywhere in the world.  Alternative perspectives, rich knowledge, and brand new choreography get delivered to dancers in and out of my home state of NJ each week. I'd love to add your studio to the schedule!


If you aren't looking for weekly classes, I'm happy to bring my unique brand of class to you for a virtual workshop. Classes I offer include the full run of subjects I cover in typical workshops:

Technique - Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Locking, Popping

Choreography - Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Locking , Popping

Creative Movement - Freestyle, Choreography Concepts, Battle Techniques

Teacher Seminars -  The classic training program for teachers that bridges the gap between authentic hip hop and true class structure.  Just in virtual form.

Click here for full program details.

Affordable Prices

Until social distancing rules are lifted, all of my virtual classes  are  discounted from my common workshop and drop-in rates.  Inquire below for price quotes.

Want to dance with

"The Redef Movement"?

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Parents of Dancers

Services offered


Advice, tips on preparing your child for at-home practice or live stream classes.


E-book on the basics of dance education, and all things you should know when overseeing dance practice at home. Written  specifically for parents with no experience/education in dance training.

E-book on guiding your young dancer through a live streamed class.

My Message to Parents,

When we remove the dance professional, the mirrors, and the structured atmosphere of a school, the impact of these elements can be felt. What I'm  producing takes a deep dive into the education process. As educators, we take our job seriously. So seriously in fact, that we feel you need to know certain things before allowing your child to pursue the process of class without the teacher present. We are here for tips, instruction, and guidance. However, we aren't in the room to enforce the level of focus or care for the body. That's where we need YOU parents . We need you to take the reigns and reinforce the lessons, in the safest and smartest ways we've learned how to.  I hope you'll consider these tools to maximize the quality of the lessons your child will have these coming weeks.

While I continue to offer many of these tools as a paid service to maintain some level of income during this time, I do understand that I am not the only one  in a bind. If you are unable to pay for any of this material now, please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have regardless.  I'm happy to consult any way I can.  Let's make sure we give the kids the best quality achievable at this time!

Ready for class?

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        We were able to host John recently in our studio for two student workshops divided by ages, an adult class and a teacher training. I had followed him on social media and had always been impressed by his level of knowledge and passion to teach REAL hip hop. We were blown away by his knowledge once we met him in person and his training-in addition to his curriculum-has shaped our hip hop program in our studio! I highly recommend using John as a resource however you can, whether it is his curriculum or a live session. He is truly one of the best out there!

- Jessica Reagle

Owner: Jessica's Dance Academy, Swansboro NC

        I had John out to my studio over the summer for teacher training. I am so glad that I had more than just my hip hop teachers in the room as his tips, exercises and approaches can be used in all genres. They are true teaching tools. John gives a true foundation and education on hip hop culture and brings you back to where it comes from and the why. His personality is infectious and his passion for not only his art  but educating others is evident. He has made himself available  to be a mentor to one of my newer staff members and we have purchased his curriculum for our studio. I can't say enough about him except he is the real deal.

- Tiffany Prout-Leitao

Owner:  Center Stage Dance Academy, Masschusetts

     John Comix Barrella has visited our studio twice since 2018 and he has inspired, educated and infused excitement into our hip hop programs.  Not only does he deliver memorable and current class work, he is authentic.  He studies so he can share and inspire with so much knowledge.  Our hip hop instructor uses his teaching material to continue to develop a strong and growing program at our studio.  After year one, our dancers looked forward to learning new styles that were presented with so much detail that they could retain the information and build on John's workshop visit throughout the season. 

- Jillian Duhadway

Owner: Duhadway Dance Dimensions, Alma MI