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Hip Hop Mixes
Here, I'll be adding song mixes I've made or old edits for you to purchase and use with your own hip hop classes. You can browse the library below for any songs I am currently making available.
Custom Mixes
You can request your own custom mix or ask for adjustments to be made to my current songs for a fee.

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Cursing/mature content removed. Songs with an overall
negative or adult message never used in dance studio edits.


An ever-growing list of themes and
concepts to choose from.

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Ask for changes in length, content, and sound effects
for any of the edits for a small extra fee.


Click the blue button for a brief sample of what's in the mix.

Each sample clip is mixed with an audio tag that is not present in the final edit. Once you've  decided which mixes to purchase, follow the directions below.

B-boy(Breakdance) Mixes:

Breakdance-centric songs that carry a strong, powerful drum beat. Great for boys classes and dance team performances

Bboy mix 1

Bboy mix 2

Bboy mix 3


90's Mixes:


Back to the 90s!  Blends of New Jack Swing, classic social dances, & the golden age of hip hop.

New Jack Swing Mix 1

90's mix 1

Jump Around remix edit

Character / theme Mixes:


Looking for hip hop music that carries a more unique sound?  Here is my collection of  character-based mixes that might be just what you're looking for!

Circus/Carnival Production

Queen Production

NFL Theme

Christmas Hip Hop

Zombie/Halloween Mix

Custom Mixes

Request a custom hip hop mix via this form. You can ask for changes or additions to songs in mixes provided here, adjustments to song length, or a brand new concept altogether After submitting, be on the lookout for an email confirming details of your request and a price quote.

Be sure to fill out the form below with any purchase you made so that you can receive the proper mix without delay. Once order is received, you will receive the mix via dropbox download. You do not need a dropbox account to access the music.

        We were able to host John recently in our studio for two student workshops divided by ages, an adult class and a teacher training. I had followed him on social media and had always been impressed by his level of knowledge and passion to teach REAL hip hop. We were blown away by his knowledge once we met him in person and his training-in addition to his curriculum-has shaped our hip hop program in our studio! I highly recommend using John as a resource however you can, whether it is his curriculum or a live session. He is truly one of the best out there!

- Jessica Reagle

Owner: Jessica's Dance Academy, Swansboro NC

        I had John out to my studio over the summer for teacher training. I am so glad that I had more than just my hip hop teachers in the room as his tips, exercises and approaches can be used in all genres. They are true teaching tools. John gives a true foundation and education on hip hop culture and brings you back to where it comes from and the why. His personality is infectious and his passion for not only his art  but educating others is evident. He has made himself available  to be a mentor to one of my newer staff members and we have purchased his curriculum for our studio. I can't say enough about him except he is the real deal.

- Tiffany Prout-Leitao

Owner:  Center Stage Dance Academy, Masschusetts

     John Comix Barrella has visited our studio twice since 2018 and he has inspired, educated and infused excitement into our hip hop programs.  Not only does he deliver memorable and current class work, he is authentic.  He studies so he can share and inspire with so much knowledge.  Our hip hop instructor uses his teaching material to continue to develop a strong and growing program at our studio.  After year one, our dancers looked forward to learning new styles that were presented with so much detail that they could retain the information and build on John's workshop visit throughout the season. 

- Jillian Duhadway

Owner: Duhadway Dance Dimensions, Alma MI